It really is well worth having a swift read through this section if you have an upcoming Hairy Dog photo session. It contains all the most frequently asked questions and will help you and your dog get the most from our time together :-)

  • Why choose Hairy Dog? Established back in 2011, Hairy Dog is the go-to place for all things dog photography. With well over a decade of working in photography, you can be sure of a reliably brilliant service every time.

  • What if it's raining on the day of my session? It does happen and I'm completely flexible when it comes to rescheduling. I'd rather wait a few days and get the best possible photos of your dog than send you away with photos of a soggy dog! The one thing I do need is light, so if it's very dull and overcast, it may be worth rescheduling too.

  • How do I pay for my session? PayPal is usually the easiest and most secure way but you can also use bank transfer or I can take payment in person with my card reader. I do ask that all sessions are prepaid at the time of booking. You can buy a session securely online here on the Hairy Dog Photography Booking Page

  • Can I bring my family along? Yes, yes and a thousand times yes! Please do! I love getting the family involved in photo sessions. Also, an extra pair of hands is always useful!

  • I have three dogs - is that extra? No, you can bring as many dogs as you like, so long as they all live in the same household.

  • Can I buy extra photos, framed photos or canvas prints etc? Yes, I can take care of everything for you with an amazing range of ready to hang products but there's absolutely no obligation and no hard sell! Most clients end up spending about £200 - £500 all in, but some are more than happy with the two prints included in the session fee.

  • My dog is very nervous / a bit bitey - is that a problem?
    I've worked with dogs of all temperaments over the years and haven't been bitten yet... I'm happy to spend a bit of time sitting quietly with nervous dogs, letting them sniff the camera and me until they're settled.

  • My dog won't sit still - is that a problem?! Not really - I specialise in action photography and you'd be amazed how often I'm able to get some beautifully lit photos of even the most restless dogs!

  • Do I need to bring anything with me? Just whatever you'd usually take on a walk - perhaps a favourite toy, a few biscuits or a ball.

Finally, it's a good idea to take active dogs for a brisk walk before their session if possible. If all that sounds like what you're looking for, please do feel free to contact me or just go ahead and buy your session on the Hairy Dog Booking Page.